Class GroovyActionDispatcher

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    public class GroovyActionDispatcher
    extends Object
    implements ActionDispatcher
    An implementation of an ActionDispatcher for the Groovy language. This dispatcher will load the groovy action script matching to an actionName. If a script if found, it will be executed.
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      • GroovyActionDispatcher

        public GroovyActionDispatcher()
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      • setMetricsService

        public void setMetricsService​(MetricsService metricsService)
      • setGroovyActionsService

        public void setGroovyActionsService​(GroovyActionsService groovyActionsService)
      • getPrefix

        public String getPrefix()
        Description copied from interface: ActionDispatcher
        Retrieves the prefix that this dispatcher recognizes and that is used in the actionTypeId. For example to dispatch to a GroovyActionDispatcher, the prefix could be : "groovy". Then when you want to refer to a Groovy action type you could do something like this: "groovy:myGroovyAction". Prefixes MUST be globally unique. Not sanity check is done on this so please be careful!
        Specified by:
        getPrefix in interface ActionDispatcher
        a string containing the unique
      • execute

        public Integer execute​(Action action,
                               Event event,
                               String actionName)
        Description copied from interface: ActionDispatcher
        This method is responsible of executing the action logic, so it will probably dispatch to an underlying engine such as a scripting engine or any other type. This makes it possible for example to implement actions in Groovy or even Javascript.
        Specified by:
        execute in interface ActionDispatcher
        action - the Action to execute
        event - the Event that triggered the action
        actionName - the name of the action to execute that is after the prefix in the action type
        an integer status corresponding to what happened as defined by public constants of EventService