Interface MetricsService

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    public interface MetricsService
    This is the main interface for the metrics service, that makes it possible to count calls, callers and accumulated times for sections of code.
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      • setActivated

        void setActivated​(boolean activated)
        Enables or disables the metrics service.
        activated - if true the metrics service will be activated, false will deactivate it and clear any exists in-memory metrics
      • isActivated

        boolean isActivated()
      • setCallerActivated

        void setCallerActivated​(String timerName,
                                boolean activated)
      • isCallerActivated

        boolean isCallerActivated​(String timerName)
      • resetMetrics

        void resetMetrics()
      • updateTimer

        void updateTimer​(String timerName,
                         long startTime)