Class Goal

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    public class Goal
    extends MetadataItem
    A tracked activity / action that can be accomplished by site (scope) visitors. These are tracked in general because they relate to specific business objectives or are relevant to measure site/scope performance. Goals can be defined at the scope level or in the context of a particular Campaign. Either types of goals behave exactly the same way with the exception of two notable differences:
    • duration: scope-level goals are considered until removed while campaign-level goals are only considered for the campaign duration
    • audience filtering: any visitor is considered for scope-level goals while campaign-level goals only consider visitors who match the campaign's conditions
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    • Constructor Detail

      • Goal

        public Goal()
      • Goal

        public Goal​(Metadata metadata)
    • Method Detail

      • getStartEvent

        public Condition getStartEvent()
        Retrieves the Condition determining the goal's start event if any, used for more complex goals where an action has to be accomplished first before evaluating the success of the final goal (funnel goal for example).
        the condition associated with the start event for this goal or null if no such event exists
      • setStartEvent

        public void setStartEvent​(Condition startEvent)
      • getTargetEvent

        public Condition getTargetEvent()
        Retrieves the Condition determining the target event which needs to occur to consider the goal accomplished.
        the condition associated with the event determining if the goal is reached or not
      • setTargetEvent

        public void setTargetEvent​(Condition targetEvent)
      • getCampaignId

        public String getCampaignId()
        Retrieves the identifier of the campaign this goal is part of, if any.
        the identifier of the campaign this goal is part of, or null if this goal is not part of any campaign
      • setCampaignId

        public void setCampaignId​(String campaignId)