Class ControlGroupPersonalizationStrategy

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    public class ControlGroupPersonalizationStrategy
    extends Object
    implements PersonalizationStrategy
    System strategy to calculate control group on personalization that would use such configuration The status is then stored in the current profile/session under: systemProperties.personalizationStrategyStatus A control group is used with a percentage to decide if the current profile/session should have personalized results or not. - in case of control group is true: the variants will be return untouched like received and an information will be added to the personalized results to warn the client - in case of control group is false: we will execute the personalization normally
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      • ControlGroupPersonalizationStrategy

        public ControlGroupPersonalizationStrategy()
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      • personalizeList

        public PersonalizationResult personalizeList​(Profile profile,
                                                     Session session,
                                                     PersonalizationService.PersonalizationRequest personalizationRequest)
        Description copied from interface: PersonalizationStrategy
        Filters and personalizes the list of contents passed as a parameter using the strategy's implementation.
        Specified by:
        personalizeList in interface PersonalizationStrategy
        profile - the profile to use for the personalization
        session - the session to use for the personalization
        personalizationRequest - the request contains the contents to personalizes as well as the parameters for the strategy (options)
        the personalization result that contains the list of content IDs resulting from the filtering/re-ordering