Class EventServiceEndpoint

  • @Produces("application/json")
    public class EventServiceEndpoint
    extends Object
    A JAX-RS endpoint to access information about the context server's events.
    • Constructor Detail

      • EventServiceEndpoint

        public EventServiceEndpoint()
    • Method Detail

      • setEventService

        public void setEventService​(EventService eventService)
      • searchEvents

        public PartialList<Event> searchEvents​(Query query)
        Allows to search events using a query.
        query - the query object to use to search for events. You can specify offset and limits along with a condition tree.
        a partial list containing the events that match the query.
      • getEvents

        public Event getEvents​(@PathParam("id")
                               String id)
        Allows to retrieve event by id.
        id - the event id.
        Event with the provided id.
      • getEventTypeNames

        public Set<String> getEventTypeNames()
        Retrieves the list of event types identifiers that the server has processed.
        a Set of strings that contain event type identifiers.