Interface UserListService

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    public interface UserListService
    Created by amidani on 24/03/2017.
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      • getUserListMetadatas

        PartialList<Metadata> getUserListMetadatas​(int offset,
                                                   int size,
                                                   String sortBy)
        Retrieves user lists metadatas, ordered according to the specified sortBy String and and paged: only size of them are retrieved, starting with the offset-th one.
        offset - zero or a positive integer specifying the position of the first element in the total ordered collection of matching elements
        size - a positive integer specifying how many matching elements should be retrieved or -1 if all of them should be retrieved
        sortBy - an optional (null if no sorting is required) String of comma (,) separated property names on which ordering should be performed, ordering elements according to the property order in the String, considering each in turn and moving on to the next one in case of equality of all preceding ones. Each property name is optionally followed by a column (:) and an order specifier: asc or desc.
        a PartialList of UserList metadata