Class Scoring

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    public class Scoring
    extends MetadataItem
    A set of conditions associated with a value to assign to Profiles when matching so that the associated users can be scored along that dimension. Each ScoringElement is evaluated and matching profiles' scores are incremented with the associated value.
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    • Constructor Detail

      • Scoring

        public Scoring()
        Instantiates a new Scoring.
      • Scoring

        public Scoring​(Metadata metadata)
        Instantiates a new Scoring with the specified metadata.
        metadata - the metadata
    • Method Detail

      • getElements

        public List<ScoringElement> getElements()
        Retrieves the details of this Scoring.
        the elements
      • setElements

        public void setElements​(List<ScoringElement> elements)
        Sets the elements.
        elements - the elements